Used tanning beds aren't your style

We know your style. Your style is a deep, beautiful tan all year long. Used tanning beds aren't your style. They are ugly and scratched and, well, used. Using our fun online design studio we allow you to actually create your own unique unit. After you tell us exactly what you want, we will build it exactly how you designed it. Why should you settle for used tanning beds when you can have a state of the art unit custom built home tanning bed to fit your needs and your lifestyle?

Awesome custom commercial tanning beds

When commercial tanning beds are designed using the online design studio, it is more than just the exterior that is customized. As the designer, you are in control of the options. That includes:

  • Number of tanning lamps
  • Strength of facial tanning equipment
  • Analog, digital or even wireless controls

Just because these beds are for home use, do not think they are anything less than commercial tanning beds. You will enjoy the same great functionality of the tanning beds found in salons only you won't have to schedule appointments or pay any more fees. Our tanning beds run of the normal 110 volt electricity already found in your house and use about seven cents per session! Best of all, because they are brand new, all of our beds have a full warranty. You will have the tan you love, whether it is a deep bronze or just that kissed by the sun look, all year long without ever having to leave the house.

We can't build your tanning bed until you design it. It's fun and easy to do and, best of all, when it is all done it will be just your style.

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