Our custom unit vs. the Wolff tanning bed

When you decide to invest in a residential tanning bed, you often feel like there are not very many choices. A tanning bed is a tanning bed to most manufacturers and the differences between models tend to be in the control system or the number of tanning lamps inside. When you buy a Wolff tanning bed, you can choose from among the few models they offer in the color they have decided to offer. At American Quality Manufacturing, we want to build a unique sun bed for you. Using our easy online design studio, you can design the look of your piece as well as the equipment inside of it! Don't worry, it is fun and easy to design a high quality sun bed. One Wolf tanning bed looks pretty much like every other one but one of our tan at home beds looks exactly how you want it to look!

A commercial quality residential tanning bed

When you use our fun online design studio, you get to do more than simply determine the exterior appearance. You get to select the number of body and facial tanning lamps and the control system that is right for you. After you have completed the unique design, we will assemble your sun bed, apply the custom color and the print the awesome graphics you selected. The end product is a residential tanning bed up to the same high standards as any commercial tanning beds. Unlike a bed you would find at a pricey spa, yours will be uniquely your own, reflecting your personality and flair!

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