Design your tanning bed, bulbs and all

All too often when people decide to buy a tanning bed for their home they go out and see a few models and come away disappointed. Some home units are almost toys because they are just mirrors and a couple of little home tanning lamps. Others are flimsy, scaled down models of real professional beds made of plastic and vinyl, but not ours. You can get the same great tan the tanning salon supplies because you have a salon quality bed at home.

The coolest thing about our beds is their designers. Using our unique online design studio we allow you (that's right, we said you) to design the perfect tanning bed. Bulbs can supply anywhere between 2400 and 4600 Watts, it is completely up to you. Do you want a wireless remote control? Fine, you are the designer. We will build the perfect bed for you!

At home tanning salon, supplies not included

Every thing about our tanning bed, bulbs, body construction, finish and more, is professional quality. Do not make the mistake of thinking that we make a sub-standard sun bed just because we are willing to allow you to completely customize it. American Quality Manufacturing builds all steel tanning beds with industrial strength powder coat finishes in colors you select. Our bed gives the same awesome tan as the tanning salon supplies, only it is made to your exacting standards.

One of the coolest things about our beds is that you completely control how it looks. You won't want to hide your AQM bed away in the garage because it is going to be the color you want with the graphics you choose. It is going to be something you want to show off because it will look great (and help you look great, too) but it will also be the only appliance in your entire house you designed! When you order from us we promise to build the perfect tanning bed for you! All you will need to do is pick out where it is going and stock up on supplies.

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