Home tanning lamps and creams

There are a million different products out there promising a great do it yourself home tan, from sprays to home tanning lamps. Some are cheap and others are kind of expensive. None of them are a good substitute for a real tanning bed. Lamps and creams and the like can never match the all over body tan you get in a good sun bed. The good news is that now you can get a sun bed, a real custom made tanning bed, for your home. Choose the tanning bed parts that you want, and don't forget the tanning salon supplies can all be kept at home!Through our online design studio we are able to allow you the opportunity to design the bed that is perfect for you.

A real tanning bed, lamps and all

At American Quality Manufacturing we only build your bed after you have designed it. Through our online design studio you will select the color, the style of the controls, the graphics and even how many tanning bed lamps it will contain. Your bed will be a professional quality piece of equipment, every bit as functional as the types you find in spas and salons, with your own unique flair built into the decoration. It will not be an overbuilt platform with a couple of home tanning lamps inside.

When you design a sun bed with us, you will receive a brand new, state of the art unit. It will not be constructed of plastic, but welded metal. Its industrial strength powder coat finish is extremely durable and assures that the color will remain brilliant. The graphics you select are applied with our oversized inkjet printer and the entire unit is covered by our factory warranty. Even though we allow you to fully customize the beds we produce, they are high grade, professional quality machines.

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